Holiday Island [v0.3.8.0] [darkhound1]

Game Description

You (the player) just won the lottery to vacation on a tiny, remote Pacific island…but not just any island! It’s jam-packed from the beach to the bedroom with a buffet of the most beautiful girls in the world! (The intro section of the game details all of this!) Aside from the parade of huge boobs, perfect buttocks, and various views of… let’s say “clotheless intimacy”, there’s also a growing mystery that your character will uncover and find themselves right in the middle of!

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Installation Guide:

1- Extract and run.

Developer: Darkhound1

Language: English

Version: Aly’s posing scene in Jennifer’s swimsuit has been AI upgraded –> will be part of’s posing scene images in her blue lingerie has been AI upgraded –> will be part of’s entrance scene before she poses in Jennifer’s swimsuit has been partially rerendered and AI upscaled –> will be part of’s reward appointment where she’s wearing a black dress gets an AI image upgrade to 2560×1440 webp format and a text revison –> will be part of’s poker lapdance scene gets an AI image upgrade to 2560×1440 webp format and a text revison –> will be part of’s erotic massage scene gets an AI image upgrade to 2560×1440 webp format and a text revison –> will be part of’s elevator scene gets an AI image upgrade to 2560×1440 webp format and a text revison –> will be part of Ren’Py engine will be upgraded from 7.4.4 (which was unfrotunately a buggy release) to the current 7.5.3. Hopefully this solves more problems and doesn’t create new ones. –> will be removed from 0.3.8 due to too many problemsSo the Ren’Py will stay 7.4.4 for now.All dream images have been AI upscaled to twice the fomer resolution and the image format has been changed to webp –> will be part of’s poker images have been rerendered and post worked again in 2560×1440 resolution –> will be part of appointment where she’s wearing the net stockings has been rendererd again in 2560×1440 and some more imags have been added –> will be part of posing images have been upgraded to at least 2560×1440 resolution –> will be part of .rpyc file have been reorganized helping with faster development and making it easier to find stuff in the future. –> will be part of couple of new phone backgrounds, phone character pictures and sextings for different girls have been added –> will be part of couple of new love, friendship and sexual messages have been added –> will be part of basic location and event renders have been AI upgraded to 2560×1440 webp format –> will be part of gets new pool jump in and pool exit renders in 2560×1440 resolution –> will be part of fixes

Genre: 3DCG, Dating sim, Oral sex, Voyeurism, Male protagonist, Animated, Big ass, Big tits, Exhibitionism, Footjob, Handjob, Masturbation, Sex toys, Titfuck, Vaginal sex, Creampie, Mobile game

Game Images

Change Log

  • The poker interface did only support a maximum number of 6 items to undress, although 7 were needed –> will be fixed with
  • The poker interface had lost all the mouse hover quick texts –> will be fixed with
  • Wrong image links in some achievements resulting in the display of one or more black images –> will be fixed with
  • The icon to add images to your favoriteshas disappeared –> will be fixed with
  • Heather’s sun lotion event could trigger even though she wasn’t wearing her skimpy bikini –> will be fixed with
  • Is the update going to break save games?
  • –> No

Link: Holiday Island [v0.3.8.0] [darkhound1]

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